Patented Visual Marking Technology
provides instant visual feedback,
creating the most realistic and
effective training scenarios available.
No other target can provide the same
training benefits, effectiveness, and longevity that ZMB’s line of tactical targets offers.


The men and women that serve in the U.S. military must face life-threating situations every day. As more conflicts arise throughout the globe, it is paramount that military personnel be properly conditioned and mentally-prepared to engage another human being. The problem is that current training initiatives all too often fall short of the intended outcomes. It’s not that these programs aren’t effective; they just aren’t doing enough. Today’s sensitive global political climate demands the most effective and realistic training tools available. ZMB is prepared to meet this demand. Our groundbreaking line of 3-D tactical targets with visual marking technology is unmatched at preparing shooters for today’s threat.


The Visual Response Target (VRT) is a patent-pending, three-dimensional, life-sized mannequin target that offers training advantages that no other target on the market can offer. Each successful shot results in a bright fluorescent orange wound mark that can be seen from over 100 yards away. This visual feedback allows shooters to assess successful shots in real time to better monitor their performance. It is now possible for the trainer and the operator to instantly and effectively measure marksmanship on a three-dimensional target.


These industry-first technologies, combined with the 3-D advantage of being able to shoot the target from a 180° vantage point, make for a hyper-realistic training scenario.  This target isn’t just designed for square-range training; it is designed to prepare the operator for real-life scenarios. The more realistic the training is, the better prepared the shooter is for actual combat operations.

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