The mantra ‘Train as you fight’ is a fundamental military principle and basis for almost all modern training initiatives used in the Military today. Realistic combat preparedness is a necessity for mission success and the advantages of realistic training have been proven time and again. For years, Military personnel and researchers alike have emphasized the demonstrated benefits of using realistic training initiatives and tools, such as improved situational awareness and greater control and regard for safety. Researchers also found that law enforcement and military personnel who were trained using 3-D targets appear to be less prone to long-term mental health issues such as PTSD compared to those who did not train with 3-D targets. Each year, more and more studies show a direct correlation between realistic training and dramatically improved performance in combat situations.

The History of Targetry:

  • World War II
    First widespread use of bullseye targets by the U.S. Military. Disappointing results show low target-engagement rate, leading Army combat historian S.L.A. Marshall to submit his recommendations for improvement.

  • Vietnam
    Following the recommendations of Marshall and others, the U.S. adopts the use of the E-Type silhouette target to condition U.S. soldiers to engage the human silhouette. Target-engagement rate climbs to 95%.

  • 1980's
    The FBI updates the silhouette type target with new designs that train shooters to focus on and aim for emphasized vital areas of the body.

  • 1990's
    Photographic targets increase realism and emphasize greater situational awareness and more realistic shoot vs. no-shoot scenarios.

  • 2000's
    With photo-realistic targets proving to be more effective than previous target designs, focus shifts toward creating a new generation of photographic E-Type targets. New and improved designs are more realistic than ever before thanks to higher-quality color photo printing capabilities and more accurate situation designs.
  • Targeting the Future.™
    ZMB’s 3-D mannequin targets provide unmatched training benefits compared to traditional 2-D targets. Patented Visual Marking Technology provides instant visual feedback, creating the most realistic and effective training scenarios available. No other target can provide the same training benefits, effectiveness, and longevity that ZMB’s line of tactical targets offers.