Today’s law enforcement and military personnel must be able to swiftly and accurately distinguish between friend and foe and make lightning-fast distinctions between shoot and no-shoot targets. This is where ZMB’s range of tactical targets excel like no other target can. But what if that wasn’t good enough for us?


ZMB offers targets that allow trainers to condition and prepare operators for success on the modern battlefield while simultaneously protecting innocent life and minimizing civilian casualties and collateral damage. We take pride in our product’s reputation and strengths, but we also want to make sure that our targets continue to meet the demands of today’s training initiatives and scenarios. Our targets can be used ‘as is’ in numerous military/law enforcement operator training scenarios, including almost any of today’s shoot/no-shoot scenarios that emphasize situational awareness, context, and the ability to make accurate distinctions within a fraction of a second. That said, we also want to ensure that our targets continue to offer unmatched training benefits, versatility, and applicability for today’s operators. As such, we offer a variety of target accessories than can be used to modify training scenarios.


Since many modern training programs emphasize situational awareness and assessment before engagement, we offer several accessories that bring even more realism to our 3-D targets. One of our favorites is the 3-D Legs Stand. Our tactical targets can be mounted atop the NMT 3-D Legs Stand to create a life-sized target with unmatched realism, making this combo perfect for creating the most realistic training simulations possible. Plus, it’s a practical way to raise the target torso up to a level more favorable to firearms training. We also offer several mock firearms and non-lethal weapons that can be attached to our targets to make it easier to distinguish between shoot and no-shoot targets. Accessories like these allow operators to make much more realistic assessments of whether or not to apply deadly force.



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