ZMB Industries’ mission is to make the world a safer place through effective training.  Our patented 3D TARGET technologies provide the most innovative, realistic, fun and engaging targets on the market today.  They are environmentally friendly and made in the USA!  ZMB’s line of targets offer both reactive/positive feedback as well as a 3D plane for enhanced realism, a key element for both better Law Enforcement and Military Training and a higher level of entertainment for recreational shooters.

ZMB Industries strives to create the most realistic and fun targets to not only train better shooters, but to increase firearm safety.  We understand that firearm safety along with Zombie/Disaster preparedness is something that affects the entire family.  That's why we offer products that appeal to today's youth shooter.  In an effort to get kids out from behind the video game console, we've created fun, colorful, reactive, and realistic 3D products that get kids excited about shooting.  The result is more family time spent together outside in nature, providing the perfect opportunity to educate kids about gun safety.  We also realize that getting kids involved in the shooting sports helps to increase their confidence and build strong self-esteem.

Whether you’re a professional training to defend freedom and keep us safe or conducting a basic youth hunter safety course, ZMB has a target for you.